Friday, November 6, 2015

Japanese households’ preference for profitability inches up - Nomura

FXStreet (Delhi) – Yujiro Goto, Research Analyst at Nomura, notes that the Japanese households still have relatively strong preference for safety and principal guaranteed, when investing in financial assets, according to the Central Council for Financial Services Information.

Key Quotes

“Based on the survey conducted from 12 June to 21 July, 29.3% of households judge principal guaranteed as the most important, largely unchanged from the previous year (29.5%). 17.6% of households replied that they think profitability is the most important, the highest since 2011.”

“Retail investors’ investment in equities and toshins could accelerate into December, thanks to the seasonality of investment via NISAs (Japan version of Individual Savings Account). According to the data released by JSDA, investment in risky assets via NISAs accelerated in December in 2014, thanks to rushed demand before year-end.”

“Retail investors have been purchasing foreign assets via toshins aggressively recently, and we expect momentum to remain strong. Profit-taking by retail investors is possible in the near future, but we believe retail investors will continue to shift their portfolios into foreign assets to limit the downside risk of USD/JPY into 2016.”
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