Friday, November 6, 2015

FX option expiries: 2.0bn at 1.10 in EUR/USD stands out

FXStreet (Bali) - Find below the FX option expiries for today's NY cut 10am, via DTCC, with 2.0bn at $1.1000 in EUR/USD standing out.

- EUR/USD: 1.0700(E1.07bn), 1.0800(E1.64bn), 1.0850(E1.21bn), 1.0900(E1.42bn), 1.0950(E1.18bn), 1.0965(E854mn), 1.1000(2.0bn)

- AUD/USD: 0.7000(A$875mn), 0.7200(A$248mn)

- USD/JPY: 120.00($538mn), 121.00($255mn), 121.50($460mn), 122.00($1.81bn), 122.50($1.07bn), 123.00($480mn)

- USD/CAD: 1.3100($316mn), 1.3145-70($2.26bn)

- EUR/JPY: 132.00(E220mn)
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