Friday, November 6, 2015

Fed's Bullard: Guidance about possible Dec rate hike was needed

FXStreet (Bali) - In an exclusive interview with Reuters, St. Louis Fed President James Bullard said on Thursday that Fed faces challenge to justify possible slowdown in employment growth, adding that guidance about a possible Dec rate hike was needed.

Key headlines - via Reuters

Bullard says job growth of 100,000 to 125,000 adequate for economy, but could be misread as an economic slowdown after months of high jobs growth

Bullard says guidance about a possible december rate hike was needed in recent fed statement to "reel" back investors who doubted central bank's plans

Bullard says liftoff of rates to be followed by "healthy debate" over how to decide on subsequent increases after so many years at zero

Bullard says cumulative progress of economy justifies move from zero rate policy
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