Monday, November 2, 2015

CFTC speculative positioning summary

FXStreet (Guatemala) - Analysts at ANZ offered the CFTC speculative positioning summary for week ending 27 October 2015.

Key Quotes:

"Leveraged funds increased their net long USD positions by USD4.7bn, more than unwinding the previous week’s reduction (see Figure 3 in PDF). Overall long USD positions now stand at USD15.7bn.

The majority of the net USD buying came at the expense of the EUR. Net short positions in the EUR increased by USD4.3bn to USD10.5bn, and follows ECB President Draghi’s comments that he is looking at providing more easing (see Figure 5 in PDF).

JPY was the other currency to see net selling. Leveraged funds increased their net short JPY positions by USD1.7bn to USD4.7bn ahead of the FOMC and BoJ meetings later in that week (see Figure 6 in PDF).

All the other currencies saw increased net buying by leveraged funds, including EM currencies. This likely reflecting positioning heading into the 28 October FOMC decision.

Commodity currencies saw solid net buying, led by CAD. Leveraged funds reduced their short CAD positions for the fourth consecutive week by USD0.5bn to USD1.3bn, despite lower oil prices (see Figure 9 in PDF). Both AUD and NZD saw net buying of USD0.2bn each, ahead of key Q3 CPI data for Australia and the RBNZ meeting on 29 October (see Figures 10 and 11 in PDF). Leveraged funds are the closest to being neutral on NZD since May this year.

Overall net long positions in EM currencies rose only marginally (see Figure 14 in PDF). The largest change in positioning was in BRL, where leveraged funds reduced their net short positions for the fourth consecutive week."
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