Tuesday, September 15, 2015

RBA minutes: Steady rates appropriate, outlook remains data-dependent

FXStreet (Bali) - The minutes of the August 4th RBA meeting when interest rates were held steady at 2%, and in which the Central failed to provide an explicit easing bias, have been released.

The Central Bank notes that "given these considerations, the Board judged that it was appropriate to leave the cash rate unchanged. Information about economic and financial conditions would continue to inform the Board's assessment of the outlook and whether the current stance of policy remained appropriate to foster sustainable growth and inflation consistent with the target."

Key headlines

Aud Fall To Support Growth Via Net Service Exports

Spare Capacity In Labor Mkt Despite Strong Employment

Wage Index In Line With Fcast Of Prolong Low Wage Growth

Indications Apra Measures Had Slowed Invest Hsg Lending

Very Low Rate To Continue To Support Hsg Invest,spending

Num Of Indicator Show Improve In Local Activity Recently

No Significant Impact Seen Fm Volatile China Equity Mkt

Downside Risk To China Outlook Over Coming Yr Fm Jul Data

Bulk, Base Metal Price Fall Due To Weaker China Demand

Mkt Expectations Show 1-in-3 Chance Of Fed Hike In Sep

Eventual Mining Invest Cld Be Lower Vs Previously Fcast

New Info On Econ, Fincl Conditions To Guide Outlook

New Info To Determine If Curr Policy Stance Appropriate

Domestic Infla To Stay Contained, Offset Tradable Rise

Intl Econ Developments Increase Dnside Risk To Outlook But Too Early To Assess Impact On Trading Partner Growth
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