Monday, September 28, 2015

China to unveil over 10 policy measures in Q4 2015 to stabilize growth - Xinhua

FXStreet (Mumbai) - The Chinese government is expected to unveil more than 10 policy measures to stabilize growth in the final three months of the year, the Xinhua News Agency reported via MNI on Monday.

As MNI noted, “The government-owned newspaper said investment is the key to stabilizing growth and that the Ministry of Finance will soon unveil a new list of projects for Public and Private Partnership.”

“It said more interest rate and deposit reserve cuts could be expected from the PBOC while the Chinese central bank is likely to expand the Pledged Supplementary Lending, a targeted tool for liquidity injection, to the other two policy banks, instead of just the China Development Bank, as is the case currently.”

Xinhua also reported that the PBOC may also boost this year's lending quota.
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