Saturday, October 10, 2015

Next week’s data releases will hardly challenge the soft global outlook - UBS

FXStreet (Córdoba) - The data calendar next week is filled with inflation releases from seemingly everywhere: the Eurozone, the US, Japan, China, the UK, and even Switzerland and New Zealand. According to UBS analyst team, the overall situation is expected to remain subdued.

Key Quotes

“We and markets do not yet expect strong base effects or the slight rebound of the oil price to drive headline inflation higher. Markets may therefore fully enjoy their current notion of skepticism about upcoming rate hikes and expectations of more quantitative easing. The data releases will hardly challenge the soft outlook”.

“In the UK, the labor market report should confirm the improvements in the domestic economy and therefore support the GBP”.

“US retail sales are expected to be solid, while early indications from the strong rise of imports in US trade statistics suggest that consumer demand is quite strong. This could also hint to strong consumer confidence”.

“European car sales, on the other hand, could be subdued due to the legal issues that Volkswagen is facing”.
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