Monday, October 19, 2015

CFTC positioning: USD longs at 15-month low - Nomura

FXStreet (Bali) - As Nomura notes, according to the IMM data for the week ended October 13, non-commercial accounts sold $2.7bn of USD, bringing positioning to $22.8bn.

Key Quotes

"As of Friday’s close, we estimate that long positions were cut by another $2.5bn, bringing net longs to an estimated $20.2bn. This is the least net long USD has been since July 2014."

"Specs bought $1.0bn EUR on the week ended Tuesday, and an estimated $1.1bn
since. This brought official positioning in EUR to $11.5bn and estimated positioning to -$10.4bn. This is near the least net short EUR has been this year (-$9.4bn on 25 August was the local low in EUR positioning)."

"NZD positioning flipped to positive for the first time since May on $0.1bn of NZD buying. A further $0.1bn since Tuesday brought NZD positioning further into long territory."

"JPY positioning got closer to neutral on $0.4bn of buying in the week ended Tuesday, and a further $0.7bn through Friday’s close. Estimated positioning is now -$0.7bn."
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